550208_10151318507408434_1185729248_nCreated from the culmination of the 70s energies and re-born out of the pacific northwest 90s psychedelic rave scene, Syonix has traversed the innerverse for nearly 20 years bringing his unique and creative view on reality to the masses. Syonix created The Alien Taste Visionary Art brand and has given people an opened door into the psychedelic subtext of reality all around us. Often using photographed images of distinctive intention, Syonix extracts the essence of the message of a picture much in the same way Tarot cards or Aura Photography capture focused intention. What visionaries around the world paint, Syonix extracts from the mycelial network of the universe often refered to as God and presents in visual form for disection and understanding.  https://www.facebook.com/AlienTaste