959456_bcb7eadd8c7c1422b5b22033b0179642We are Rebecca Palak and Griscia Hoch, and we have been leading Cacao & Heart Body Breathing ceremonies in Guatemala as well as in the states. We are very passionate about the benefits of exploring ourselves through movement and breath, as well as incorporating the medicinal use of cacao, and want to share this with others. Our intention for the ceremony is for people to leave feeling lighter, more connected with themselves, and full of joy and love. Here is some information about what we do:

Cacao, which is chocolate in its purest form, has “feel good” chemicals that naturally elevate mood, acting as a natural anti-depressant. Our cacao, considered to be food of the gods by the Mayans, has been hand-selected by a Guatemalan shaman who consciously chose the highest quality. In our ceremonies, we open by drinking cacao and setting an intention.

Cacao is a heart opener, so it really helps people connect inwards in a gentle, compassionate way. Because it can bring up emotions, thoughts and old belief systems, we use movement to help transmute that energy and release what no longer serves us. We shake and spin to music representative of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) to reconnect with our bodies and focus our minds. Then we finish with Clarity Breathwork, which is a specific technique of circular breathing through the mouth. This can release more or help integrate, and it also has detoxifying and calming effects, while increasing our sense of well-being.