stagmedicine_ivancollabI live in the beautiful hills near Ashland, OR and painting is my way of staying connected to myself and the universe and my way of communicating with my community. I also see art as its own form of spiritual practice. I find inspiration from the magic and synchronicity that make up our existence, as well as from the physical natural world around us. I also try to honor and work with various signs, symbols, myths and prophecies from various cultures all over the world as well as drawing inspiration from my own meditation and yoga practice. As an artist I strive to be a part of a community that aims to shape and bridge cultures. Through the internet and today’s vibrant and thriving festival community we have the opportunity now to reach more and more people on a daily basis. This is a great responsibility and I believe it must be treated as such. Just like each of us has a responsibility to each of our bodies and to the planet we also have a responsibility as artists to uplift those around us and maintain pure intention through all aspects of our existence.