My name is Jonathan Wolf. I am a yoga teacher, musician, and practitioner of Capoeira Angola, Shiatsu Anma, Deep Tissue & Thai bodywork. I am certified and insured in both yoga and bodywork.

For the past seven years I have had the rare opportunity to practice yoga with many teachers and play my flutes for them during svasana. I make the bamboo Xiaos that I play, and sell them to the yoga community as well:

Some of the teachers I have had occasion to play with include: Janet Stone, Annie Carpenter, Shiva Rae, Saul David Raye, Seane Corn, Mark Whitwell & Brian Campbell.

I have my flute music featured on Annie Carpenter’s YJ DVD Total Back Care.

My Berimbau music and footage of me playing can be seen on Janet Stone’s Strong Mom Yoga DVD.

I work as a traveling teacher and workshop presenter. Also as a musician and a bodyworker.

I have taught workshops in FL, VT, CA, HI & this past winter/spring abroad in Tulum, Belize, Utila, and Costa Rica.

I offer a few different types of workshops.

1) 90-180 min. My favorite is the fusion of gentle yoga and Capoeira Angola. I call it Yoga N’Angola. I start out with some good slow, breath-connected leg and abdominal work. We then move into some Capo warm ups, which are a lot like yoga, just a bit more dynamic. Then we progress to Capo movements, with step ups or step downs depending on the bodies present. I was impressed with the middle to later aged yoginis in Stowe VT who really took to it and enjoyed moving their bodies in a new a way!

2) Atma Jayam Yoga: Be a class length of 90 min or a longer workshop of 120-180 min, this class showcases Atma Jayam, an old and gentle style of yoga. Marked with anatomical cues, pranayama and long holds of the asana, Atma Jayam is gentle and effective for beginners or advanced yogis; for older or newer bodies. We focus at least 4-5 breaths for every pose & engage in challenging core strengthening, being inspired by Forrest Yoga.