2017 Schedules
2018 Schedule Coming Soon!



Permaculture Action!

10:00am  — Admission Opens

12:00pm — Permaculture Action Day with Ayla Nereo and David Sugalski (aka the Polish Ambassador): Meets at Temple Dome, project on the land!

Casbah Tent

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm — Workshops TBA

Main Stage

5:00pm — TBA

6:30pm  — Uprising Movement

7:45 — Shamanic Journey with The Joyful Warrior

8:00pm — Bana Kuma Orchestra with Chris Berry!

Temple Dome


Casbah Tent

10:00pm — Aloka

11:30pm — Scarlet Crow

1:20am  — The People’s Microcosm


Temple Dome

8:00am — Vinyasa Yoga with Alysa Romano

10:00am — Vinyasa Flow with Allowah Lani

12:00pm — Priestess Portal with Graell Corsini

2:00pm — Co-creation Catilyst Sacred Union Journey with Anaiis Salles

4:00pm — Journey Yoga with Holly Baade and David Kai

Casbah Tent

10:00am — Earth Element Yoga Flow with Cassandra Galbier

12:00pm –Forgive and Be Free with Ana Holub

2:00pm — Learn to Read Tarot with Dovid Krafchow

4:00pm —  BreathPlay for Tantric Alchemy with Ganesha Michael Shapiro

Main Stage

12:00pm — Scarlet Crow

1:45pm  — Trill LeBeau

3:30pm — Mikey Pauker

5:00pm — Download from Dr Bruce Damer

5:15pm — One Tribe

6:30pm — Tubby Love & Amber Lilly

7:45pm — Chris Berry

9:00pm — Trevor Hall

Electronica Temple Dome

10:45pm — Solus

12:00am — The Polish Ambassador

1:30am — Dar

2:45am —Lachlan

4:00am — DISSOLV

Casbah Tent

11:00pm — Mikey Pauker

12:15am — JAMeeSHKA

2:00am — David Kai

3:00am — Mary Isis


Temple Dome

8:00am –Rise & Shine Flow with Rani Herman

10:00am  — Dancing Freedom with Samantha Sweetwater

12:00pm — We Choose Love with Asha Deliverance

2:00pm — Ecstatic Dance & Breathwork for Deep Healing with Allowah Lani

3:00pm  –Permaculture Workshop with Robin & Anahata – on the land, meets near Dome!

4:00 — TBA

Casbah Tent

8:00am –Yin Yoga with  Janelle Ochs

10:00am –Cleansing to the Core” with Lenny Watson

12:00pm  — Avatar’s Guide Visionary Nourishment with Jillian Love

2:00pm — Being the Village, Embodying the Village with Jay Ma & Magdelion Moondrop

4:00 –Hatha Vinyassa Flow with Anna Combi

Main Stage

12:00pm — Heartifact

2:00pm  — Chad Wilkins

4:00pm — Freedom

5:50pm — Chris Berry

7:30pm — Wildlight (with Ayla Nereo and David Sugalski aka The Polish Ambassador)

9:30pm — Dustin Thomas

Electronica Temple Dome

11:15pm –Numatik

12:15am  — David Starfire

1:45am — Sasha Rose

2:45am — Subaqueous

4:00am –TBA

Casbah Tent

11:00pm — Matthew Human

12:20am — Jah Levi

1:45am –Trill LeBeau

2:30am — ALOKA

3:30am — Bloom and Anahata


Temple Dome

7:00am — Sharanam (wake up kirtan)

8:00am — Yoga with Tree

10:00am — Devotional Yoga with Graell Corsini

12:00pm — Sweat Your Prayers Ecstatic Dance with Jacia Kornwise

2:00pm — Beginning Acroyoga with Sean Gerhardt

4:00pm — Vinyasa Yoga with Jayne Forest

Casbah Tent

8:00am — The Shaman in You with Holly Baade

10:00am  — Connecting through healing massage” with Rebeca Padilla

12:00pm –Thai Massage with  Shivrael Shannon Brophy

2:00pm — Death & Rebirth Ceremony with Karl Baba

4:00pm — Cacao Ceremony with Destiny and Andrew

Main Stage

1:00pm — Water Ceremony

2:00pm — Windsong

3:10pm — Matthew Human

4:30pm — Maesyn

6:00pm — Satsang

7:20pm — Closing Ceremonies

8:00pm — Mike Love

9:50 pm — Jah Levi


Casbah Tent

11:30pm — Sasha “Butterfly” Rose

12:15am — Freedom

1:30am — Stephen Roush

2:45am — Tubby Love & Amber Lilly

4:00am — TBA