Mystic Rising Boutique Camping Packages

Mystic Boutique Camping

Let the relaxation begin and leave the comfort to us!

Imagine arriving in the beautiful high mountain setting of the New Frontier Ranch, taking in the fresh air and looking around,  Inspired by the magic you want to explore…..and you CAN….

When you arrive as a boutique camper you can leave the work of setting up camp to us.  We will help move you into your Safari Tent or Teepee, then you are ready to play, That’s it.  HOME away from home.  You can choose to have a real bed and comfortable fresh bedding.  Each tent has a rug and lighting  and space for you to feel safe to unfurl and relax into your Mystic Rising experience!

We look forward to seeing you in the Boutique camping village!

Accommodations include:

*Bed or cot and bedding

*Battery powered light

*Rug and décor elements

*Chairs to relax in and space to store your belongings.

*You are located close to real bathrooms and a moments walk to the center of our village.





Safari Tent Boutique Camping

This is a large square Safari Tent nicely decorated with a full sized bed for 2 people included.

Each additional person for $111 is added separately.                            $777.00

Additional Person in Safari Tent Boutique Camping

This pass is for if a Sarafi Boutique Camping pass (for 2 people) has already

been purchased and you’re adding additional person(s)                      $111.00

Tipi Campout (up to 6 adults)

This is your basic tipi where you bring your friends, your own pads,

cots or mattresses and share a large teepee!                                $333.00