This year Mystic Rising is taking a year off and the founder (Phil) is having his wish of retiring at least for this year while handing over the reins to two talented producers (Suma and Audie). Although Mystic Rising is officially not producing this event and Love Alchemy Productions LLC is dealing with everything financial, Mystic is lending some of it’s resources included allowing for tickets to also be sold on this site while everything financial is routed to Love Alchemy Productions.

This new event Harmonia is named after the Greek Goddess of Harmony and celebration and will incorporate some of the family reunion tradition experience that many come to expect when attending a Mystic event along with the infusion of the Tea Party events that Audie and the community spirit of events that Suma has produced.


Love Alchemy Productions

Creator of Love Alchemy Productions, got his start in the Music and Entertainment business 11 years ago working security for a well known concert venue in Dallas, Texas. With a deep love for music and a strong desire to serve others, Suma made his career learning the in and outs of the behind-the-scenes world of Concert and Festival production.

In 2014 Suma made his way to Ashland, Oregon as a volunteer for a popular yoga festival hosted at the Jackson Wellsprings. Suma was quickly immersed in the community of Ashland and became very active in the local Music scene. After 3 months of being in Ashland he was appointed the Event Coordinator of the Jackson WellSprings, where he spent the next year assisting concerts and shows of all sizes and honing his skills of service and event production.

Suma became very passionate about building community and getting people together in fun and uplifting ways. He desired to create events that would be inclusive, meaningful, impactful and potent. So in 2017 he started Love Alchemy Productions, its name being inspired by the teachings of his beloved partner, and founder of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Graell Corisini. Since its beginning Love Alchemy has been committed to creating positive, safe experiences for all attendees, as well as supporting the local community of Ashland, often helping new artist get exposure, and providing a place for local vendors to showcase their wares.

Has worked with these festivals: Envision, Pranafest, Peace Village, Mystic Rising.


JamQwest Productions

JamQwest hand delivers the community a magical recipe of silly & sacred, built on an altar of earthly percussion, squishy ceremony, fire, dance & tea we have mastered the art of crafting sacred squish parties, hosting a wild and wacky container that helps to re-tune adults to once again play like children with the intention of EVERYONE getting to activate to their highest, most playful, potent version of who they are, or perhaps, who they wish to be.