Through a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change Yaima’s second album “OvO” offers audiences a state-of-the-art conceptual experience. “OvO” immediately captivates the listener with an over-arching and enchanting story line that portrays the simple life cycle of a seed. The prominent motif of the Seasons weaves the album into perceived chapters, each section reflecting themes, lessons and impressions opportune to it’s season. “OvO”means “seed” or “egg” and stands for the point in time or space at which something starts- the next evolution. The Owl appears on the cover art as well as in the title “OvO” and represents the elemental energy of the Wind. Owl stands for the truth and the ability to navigate through the darkest night by finding and listening to the wisdom and light from within ourselves. OvO’s overarching theme of the cyclical nature of life creates a sense of deep connection to the music that listeners around the world have been keen to rediscover each time they listen to the album.

Finding their niche within the Transformational Festival and Yoga Community, Yaima’s music has gained great acclaim throughout North America with concerts and festival appearances in Quebec, Vancouver, Washington, Oregon, California, North Carolina, West Virginia, Vermont, Colorado, and New Mexico. They have been continually supported and sustained through their community of backers, Kickstarter Campaigns and Online music sales. Their first album “Pellucidity” was released in 2014 through The Polish Ambassador’s label- “Jumpsuit Records” and quickly became well known and loved throughout the Sacred Music Community along the West Coast.

Yaima’s music was designed to weave heartfelt storytelling and rich organic instrumentation with finely produced compelling beats

 as a collaboration between Producer & Sonic Architect Masaru Higasa and Folk Lyricist & Storyteller Pepper Proud. Their live performances have grown to include multi-instrumentalist Jeff Kimes, Bassist Mark Dalton and many other talented musicians. Yaima’s performances have been remarked to “lead the listeners on a Journey” and whenever possible the music is accompanied by Visual Projections by Kaizen (Everett Keithcart) as well as interwoven Dance performances & Poetry (supported in the past by Kirra Lien, Jamilia Honeybear, Chrysef Honeybear, Aleah Robbins and Zepto Space).



Kaminanda’s ever-evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, Psy-Dub, and bouncy four on the floor. Using a generous dose of musical instruments and applied music theory designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences; Focusing more and more on hypnotic elements of House, Techno and Trance while remaining in the slower tempos. A kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting, winding compositions. With six albums in his repertoire, this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and micro-detail to evoke a deeper experience.



FREEDOM has been a favorite at festivals for many years. In addition how celebrated Freedom and his music is, the other members of his previous incarnation comprising “Freedom Tribe” have included Sasha Butterfly, Tina Malia, Al Torre and Stephen Roush have all gone on to create other well-loved musical projects! You never know who might step in and join Freedom and with every configuration of his band Freedom brings it with potent medicine, transformation and a clear dimension of liberation and an experiential glimpse of how “we resurrect Eden lost with every song that we sung!”

Born in the Northland.
Here to Raise the Vibration.
We could give you a typical bio, drop names and tell you who he has played with and where.
Let’s just skip that part.
Freedom’s Music is Medicine.
Truly Undefinable.
Full with Beautiful Potent Poetry of True Substance and Relevance.
Ringing an Ancient Bell and Invoking Spirit Presence.
Freedom is Good for your Soul.
Be Here and Hear for Yourself.




Maesyn is fascinated by the lovership between humanity and the Muses that animate us. She has been playing violin since she was 3, and was a poetry major in college. She amalgamates her passions for wordsmithing, music and dance, weaving sensuous sonic reflections on the journey inward. Maesyn weaves fun, funky, musical tapestries, live looping her voice, violin, guitar, bass, whistling, and beat boxing into catchy, uplifting tunes, infused with elements of hip hop, pop, soul, and folk. She writes about themes of inspiration, sacred sensuality, hope, meditation and the evolutionary journey.


Sasha Rose

Sasha “Butterfly” has been immersed in music since a young age. With a background in acoustic music, she started playing guitar at age 14 and began writing her own music and lyrics. She began playing with the band Freedom Tribe at 17 and played the festival circuit up and down the west coast, hawaii and Australia. When she was 20 she began the Sasha Butterfly band, who continued to play mainly the festival circuts. The influences in those years were huge as she branched out to be the background singer for acts such as Jai Uttal and the Pagan love Orchestra, Prezident Brown, Hamzalila, Tina Malia, Shimshai, Jah Levi, and Blayne Lyon. She also began appearing with acts such as Zilla (members of String Cheese), and The Everyone Orchestra. Many worlds were bridged through her music. She can perform as either an acoustic trio, A full funky band, or a solo electronic act. All with the common thread of her soulful, angelic vocal style. She has played at festivals such as, Earthdance, High Sierra, The Oregon Country Fair, Health and Harmony, Whole Earth, Symbiosis, Emergensee, The Arlington Garlic Festival, Reggae on the River, and many more. The music is a soulful gypsy fusion of rich melodies and funky beats, with a common theme of conscious lyrics and a voice to soothe your soul.


Zahira & Rising Buffalo Tribe

Zahira & Rising Buffalo Tribe (Z & RBT) deliver a unique performance that never fails to get the crowd moving! Led by front woman Zahira’s soulful-heart felt vocals and inspiring lyrics, their music is a fusion of roots reggae, funk, pop, world and dub. Their sound is driven by deep bass, soaring guitar solos and lush harmonies, bringing forth a full power performance that opens hearts and inspires global change.

Zahira & RBT have had the honor of sharing the stage with acts such as: Junior Reid, Prezident Brown, Chezidek, Bunny Wailer, The Original Wailers, Indubious, Sol Seed and more. In addition Zahira has personally collaborated with Sly & Robbie, Luciano, The Cannabis Cup Band, Bibi McGill (Music Director @ Beyonce), KRS One, Yami Bolo, Red Fox & Don One Sound. Zahira has toured both in her native home of Canada, in the USA, as well as Israel, Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Canada. Together Zahira & RBT’s current home-base is Portland, Oregon and can be seen playing live all over the Pacific NW & California regularly. Their music wins the hearts of new fans in each place they play as they continue on their mission to bring inspiration to the world through word sound power. 


Matthew Human

In addition to being a gifted singer/songwriter, Matthew Human is also an outspoken proponent of small farmer’s rights and protecting the world’s food and water supply from big agri-business. His commitment to food justice and ending the corporate stranglehold on our crops is evident on such spirited anthems as “Clean Food” and “Monsanto Go Away,” which The Human Revolution played almost continuously on a 350 mile march from Brooklyn New York to Washington DC, culminating at the White House on international food day in 2011.


Travis Levity

“What say you Child of God, Child of Babylon, What? We know Babylon is not a spot on the map we know Babylon is a state of mind, and we wear it on our backs and we wear it on our wrists and invoke it when we ask the time. We sit in the tree and hack at the trunk, hacking it until it falls. Goodbye old world, Hello Sunshine. The show is over come on now and turn the page, we went too far and now we go on.” Travis Puntarelli

“What I’m trying to say, is we’re all in it together, and we’ve got to find a way. I don’t know the name of the road. But we’re all upon it, slow parade of souls.”Travis

Here’s an extra youtube of Travis:


Tribal Muffin

3 Mystics were divinely intertwined to carry out a cosmic quest to speak for the forests, the mountains, the deserts & the seas. The Earth gave them didgeridoos & taught them how to rip it saying sing for the trees, speak for the ancient ones. The Earth gave them flutes & told them to bend the wind & whisper the secrets. The Earth gave them drums & told them to be the heartbeat. The Earth gave them Bass & told them its time for the humans to dance thus birthing the Tribal Muffin- a cosmic infusion of ancient world instruments mixed with chest bumping new age beats in a freestyle format. All of our music is recorded in nature and comes straight from the Source. Organic, free range & squish factor maximum.



Purplecloudzz aka Katabliss
is a multi genre Sonic Artist who represents the earth an the melodic mystery of the universe.
After the many years of festivals an Global exposure he has tuned in his deep passion for harmonically aligned music an depth of frequencies.


Chad Wilkins

Mystic Minstrel, Chad Wilkins, is an American/Australian singer-songwriter bringing heart-songs that reveal a better way for a generation in transitional times on our planet! From his lively, progressive grooves, to his deeply prayerful chants, spanning many genres, Chad’s rootsy folk anthems carry themes of love, gratitude, risk, honour, and pure vibrant LIFE(!) – giving voice to our cry for spiritual transformation, harmony with the Earth, and hope for a bright future.
Touring extensively, Chad’s performance style is unique and spontaneous – whether performing solo, with his full band, or anywhere in between, he guides his listeners through an interactive journey ranging from dancing celebration to mindful meditation to sing-along declarations.
Chad released his first full-length album “Show Us The Way Of The Heart” in 2014, and in 2015 his most recent release “This New Ancient Paradigm”, featuring the single “Live Love”.



Windsong Martin is a singer songwriter currently residing in Williams, Southern Oregon, U.S.A. She lives with her family on a beautiful piece of land, at the foot of Greyback Mountain, graced by a rushing mountain creek, blessed by a fresh water spring and beautiful forest in the Siskiyou Mountains.

Windsong accompanies herself with a variety of instruments including the guitar, dulcimer, and rattle. Her style ranges from folk ballads, to tribal rhythms, to reggae beats. Her lyrics evoke images of the power and beauty of nature and the vision of a compassionate humanity. Thru the years she has become a voice for the preservation and appreciation of the natural world sharing her songs at ceremonies, benefits, concerts, festivals and rallies, teaching songs to many and inspiring unity and hope in a time of uncertainty.


Travis Levity & Maesyn!

Travis Levity and Maesyn are both amazingly magical musical channels and when they play together (which hasn’t been for a few years) the electricity in the dynamic of off the charts! The last time I saw them play together was at a couple events in Shasta (at Graell’s old Flying Lotus) and at the Wellsprings almost 10 years ago!… soo sweet and magical. Check out the Youtube below to see some footage from their last Wellsprings event together back in 2009!

Here’s their individual bios:

Travis Levity “What say you Child of God, Child of Babylon, What? We know Babylon is not a spot on the map we know Babylon is a state of mind, and we wear it on our backs and we wear it on our wrists and invoke it when we ask the time. We sit in the tree and hack at the trunk, hacking it until it falls. Goodbye old world, Hello Sunshine. The show is over come on now and turn the page, we went too far and now we go on.” Travis Puntarelli

“What I’m trying to say, is we’re all in it together, and we’ve got to find a way. I don’t know the name of the road. But we’re all upon it, slow parade of souls.”Travis

Maesyn is fascinated by the lovership between humanity and the Muses that animate us. She has been playing violin since she was 3, and was a poetry major in college. She amalgamates her passions for wordsmithing, music and dance, weaving sensuous sonic reflections on the journey inward. Maesyn weaves fun, funky, musical tapestries, live looping her voice, violin, guitar, bass, whistling, and beat boxing into catchy, uplifting tunes, infused with elements of hip hop, pop, soul, and folk. She writes about themes of inspiration, sacred sensuality, hope, meditation and the evolutionary journey.



Prai is a youth artist named Braillyn at 16 years old, spreading positivity and love through her music. Prai has been singing and writing music with her little sister Piper for years. First starting out in bluegrass music camps as young as seven years old, Prai has been mostly a self-taught musician. Braillyn has been the main songwriter and singer, wanting to include her younger sister’s beautiful voice and creative songwriting skills in her music. Braillyn has goals to become an experienced producer and musician, and Prai has started producing their first album, coming soon. Prai’s mission is to share genuine positive music straight from their hearts. Their acoustic indie/alternative songs, inspired by visions of a beautiful world, have inspired many over these earliest years of their production. Prai is so excited to get other youth artists involved with Mystic Rising 2018 through hosting and playing in a youth open mic!! Hope to seen all you talented teens and kids there!


Sage Leaf

Sage Leaf has a rich deep voice and a beaming heart that you can feel in his music. Sage loves to share his gift and his music is uplifting and infectious. A sweet journey back to remembrance of the angels of our nature.


Colin Martin

My name is Colin.  I sometimes feel the need to BE AMAZING in life.  My head and my heart whisper things to me like “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “follow your dreams and never give up.”  And when I let my dreams form in my consciousness, they include music and community, family and compassion, Mother Earth and healthy people.  I grew up in the east of the United States around the Pennsylvania/Ohio/West Virginia area.  I’ve been with music my whole life and even chose to study it in university to further my understanding.  I have traveled the world through North and South America, Europe and Asia, always with a guitar on my shoulder or a saxophone slung around my neck.  The journey has always been good to me and continues even on this day.  The consistent mystery of life tosses me into the wildest experiences.  Through those experiences I learn so many cool things that make me more prepared for this NOW MOMENT!  “What am I doing now?” I ask myself. That seems to be the pervasive important question. Well, I can tell you this, I am singing in my heart and paying attention to the world around me.  I have the response ability to be amazing with my life.  Shining gratitude on all the wonderful blessings bestowed upon me: the inclination toward music, my loving and patient family, my relationships, friends, collaborators, teachers, my health and happiness and my ability to create and nurture those things every moment, is a practice every day.”

Colin James Martin shares his belief that smiling as often as possible and singing together in community is healthy, wise, and FUN! Come celebrate life and our collective potential to be truly amazing with a joyful session of music, dance, and storytelling led by Colin.



Priestess Portal with Graell Corsini

Join Graell for a ceremonial adventure focusing on your connection to your body as temple and the land as temple.

About Graell Corsini

Graell Corsini is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess, a Mari-Morgan Clan member, workshop and retreat facilitator, Priestess birth and death attendant, goddess temple raiser, and a ceremonial dance performer. Her grounded practicality fuses with walking the Path of Sacred Living in a most epic Mythic existance. She raises the God & Goddess within you.

Graell is the Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, USA and has supported raising Goddess Temples around the world. Graell has been intimately involved in the Goddess Conference of Glastonbury UK since 2006. She annually serves the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in any way needed, as well as Tempio della Grande Dea of Rome, Italy, both Temples are the first of their kind, in their location, to be rasised in over two thousand years.


Cacao Ceremony Co-Creation

Our experience begins with a meditative and intentional cacao ceremony for attuning our group field, next we will open our voices together to unify the space in group toning and song, and then the container will open, for those who feel called to share, for 1-3 minutes each (depending on the number of people attending), to offer personal expressive “medicine” with the group (a medicine song, an improv dance, a free-flow song, a poem, a story, etc.). We will close with an integrative Shivasana experience.

The Cacao you will enjoy is pure medicine from Guatemala (pure Mayan heirloom ceremonial seed)– a powerful plant ally for opening the heart and scrubbing clean the auric/emotional body.

About Destiny Love and Andrew Hanuman

Destiny Love and Andrew Hanuman Jones are the co-founders of SeedStar Creations and Ashland’s Cacao and Community Ceremonies, and have been hosting Cacao Ceremonies for over 5 years. Destiny has taught yoga since 2008 and currently teaches Yin and Restorative Yoga, she is a sound healer and singer/songwriter, and the creator of two successful online courses, “Embody Your Voice” and “The Art of Free-Flow Singing and Speaking”. Andrew is a Spiritual Somatic Counselor, with a Master’s Degree of Spiritual Psychology and a completion of Energy Medicine training from the Luminous Awareness Institute. He is also a yoga teacher, sound healer, and singer/songwriter, and the creator of a successful online course, “Courting the Goddess”. Together, they are passionate about facilitating healing space, and creating safe containers of liberated expression.


HuMandalas Movement Meditation

HuMandalas Movement Meditation

HuMandalas are a guided movement meditation for groups to get in sync with other people & nature using intentional connection, toning & visualization. Learn to align our biorhythms to the universal patterns of nature through guided interactions, mirroring the Sacred Geometry of creation.

The HuMandala technique has similarities to qigong, yoga, reiki and sacred dance. It is an easy way to grasp the ancient principles of bio-energetic cultivation and power of intention. HuMandalas are enjoyable, enlightening and accessible to people of any background, in particular those with interest in sound therapy/toning, sacred art, conscious movement, massage, meditation, & new age thought.

HuMandalas Cards & App will guide your group through this peaceful, family friendly activity.

Download the App & Buy the Card Deck at

About Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy began finding immense value come into life through simple practices, like breathing, and moving with the waves of nature.

As a student of life, he went through immersive periods delving into exploration of Mayan culture, yogic mudras, ritualistic dance, and sacred geometry, with special inspiration from Dr. Masuru Emoto’s research & images of water crystals. Daniel also pursued and was certified as an instructor in Ananda yoga as well as partner yoga.

These disciplines combined began to shape what is now Humandalas, and Daniel refined this very human art through workshops & sessions with numerous communities, festivals, schools, and organizations.

He now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife and daughter, and Humandalas has become a part of a loving community there.


Asha’s Download

Join Asha, founder of pacific domes, as she gives her download on topics that can range from the blueprint of creation, the We Choose Love Movement, her hopefulness in our ability to support one another to rise up together in spite of the challenges we face.

About Asha Deliverance

Asha Deliverance is committed to a life outside the box. As the founder of Pacific Domes, she is dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable future. She began her college education at 14 years old in Arizona, and became one of UCSC Farm Projects founders before the age of 20. It was at UCSC, now considered the Harvard of organic farming, that Asha constructed her first Dome on an old singer sewing machine. Over the next 15 years Asha constructed countless domes, while working as a Midwife. In 1980 the demand for Domes led Asha to start her own business, Pacific Domes. Asha continues to educate and surround herself with cutting edge ideas and thinkers, promising to create alternatives in technology, shelter, and design.


Recycled Solar Oven Building

This is an interactive workshop on building a solar oven with materials that can easily be found around the house, a recycling center, or even a thrift shop. A brief history of solar energy use will be given as well as a description of how a solar oven works and then we will make our very own solar oven and cook with it right there!

About Cory bradley

Hi, My name is Cory Bradley, I was born in the woods of Mount Shasta CA on December 11th 1992. Naturally, I am an Earth lover and I cherish the trees, and everything green, though the extent of my love for the earth hadn’t been fully realized until I discovered permaculture in 2015. This lead me to symbiosis gathering where i took a 55 hour intensive permaculture course and learned far more than i ever expected. It opened my eyes to a whole new world and i saw the potential for growth and greatness that we as humans on this planet have, and I learned that the amount of good and love in the world far exceeds our need for greed and drive for power. I learned that the problem isn’t over-population, its improper distribution, we’ve just been blinded by a “conditioned” education system that perpetuates this absurd abuse of the planet that we live on and its resources that it gives so freely. Its time we take the reigns and become the change which we wish to see in the world.

After that I began studying and soon earned my PDC through Oregon State University in 2017. Since then i have been planning and preparing for a new future for generations ahead. A permaculture friend of mine decided to create a non profit organization called Gaianomics, our goal with gaianomics is to redirect the human fate of consumerist driven destruction, to an empowered community of flourishing diversity, which will then create resiliency. In order to achieve this goal, cooperation and collaboration is the defining key, not one of us knows everything, but together we can achieve anything.

May we all acheive our greatest dreams and aspirations!


Playful Practice & Primal Sounds:

Connect with your inner child in this playful yoga flow followed by an exploration of primal sounds to activate your rainbow light body. Give yourself the gift of play in a safe and sacred container honoring your authentic truth and singing it out loud.

This Playshop will begin with a guided meditation to ground us to the now and awaken our creativity, leading into embodied movement, to connect you to your silly side, your wild nature, & your inner artist. We will then circle up to use our voices to awaken and release blocked energy so that we can live a life for our highest purpose and the well being of the collective.

About Christina Gomes

Christina is a Transformational Life Coach, Yoga Educator, & Vocalist, helping people uncover their truth & sing it out loud.

Founder of The Leela Project, she embraces play as a spiritual practice & encourages creativity as an expression of the divine in each of us.

Join for worldwide transformational retreats & workshops


Holstic Pelvic Care for Women

Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) combines fascial release, herbalism, and energy work to evaluate, restore balance, and enhance vibrant flow in the pelvic bowl of the female body by shifting a woman’s core muscular and energetic patterns. Holistic Pelvic Care helps to relieve and heal pelvic pain, muscle imbalances, physical and emotional trauma, birth disruptions, energetic blocks, and release stored energies.

HPC empowers women to fully inhabit their body, teaches pelvic self-care, increases energy flow, blood flow, and sensation in the pelvis, helps women to access the creative potential in our wombs, and provides resources for women on their path in all stages of life.

Join Sasha Rock, founder of SO Pelvic Care, for a detailed introduction to Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) for Women.

In this 2-hour class, you will learn how HPC fills the gaps in women’s healthcare left by the standard allopathic care system by providing holistic resources for all stages of a woman’s lifecycle. The class will cover the physical and energetic anatomy of the pelvic bowl, including how each of our reproductive organs correlates to a specific stage of the creative process, and how we can use this wisdom to align with our energetic cycles to support us in childbearing, mothering, and ALL of our creations. We will touch on some specific remedies for common imbalances that can occur throughout a woman’s lifecycle. Sasha will teach self-care tools and resources for holistically supporting your pelvic wellness, including herbal medicine for female health, self-assessment and self-massage. We will also include a short pelvic bowl meditation, guiding you into deeper connection with your sacred womb space.

Women and young women at all stages of life will come away with a deeper physical and energetic awareness of their bodies, plus a wealth of wisdom and practical knowledge for holistically nurturing their wellness of body and spirit. “

About Sasha Rock

Sasha Rock has studied & practiced healing arts for 10 years. Sasha is a clinical herbalist, Reiki master, has studied with energy body expert and renowned author Cindy Dale, and is a skilled, knowledgeable bodyworker.

She is currently offering Holistic Pelvic Care sessions, which she’s been practicing for 6 years which she studied with HPC founder Tami Kent and in her concentration at university. Her sessions combine deep listening with fascial release, cranial sacral, energy work, herbal medicine, and teaching pelvic self-care.

Sasha feels honored to be fulfilling her purpose helping women heal and empower their feminine body. She holds a nurturing, safe and tuned-in space for clients to embody their whole selves.”


Medicina for the Family in the Sacred Back Meadow:

3 Lodges will meet at different locations in the back meadow at the same time and then converge after!

Sun Lodge (for those of Masculine Essence)
A place for stepping into the role of Steward, Guardian, Beast, and Gentleman.

Moon Lodge (for those of Feminine Essence)
A place to shed and reclaim from the sacred Womb space.

Earth Unity Lodge;
(For those of all creation)
A place to connect with the sacred; to let go of our identity and to unite with the vibration of oneness.

Group Facilitators, Graell, Will, and Jason all come from a rich background in community building, ceremony, and deep desire for connection to authentic relating direct from the heart.

These Circles will gather simultaneously for approximately 2 hours and will converge together at the Seamana Amphitheater, in the Sacred Back Meadow, and will join in procession to the Casbah, where GrandMother Windsong will lead our Mystic family in a loving Water Ceremony.
Circle Locations:
Moon Lodge at Goddess Temple
Sun Lodge at OAK Temple
Earth Unity Lodge at Seamana Amphitheater

About Graell Corsini

About Graell Corsini

Graell Corsini is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess, a Mari-Morgan Clan member, workshop and retreat facilitator, Priestess birth and death attendant, goddess temple raiser, and a ceremonial dance performer. Her grounded practicality fuses with walking the Path of Sacred Living in a most epic Mythic existance. She raises the God & Goddess within you.
Graell has envisioned and put together 2 other facilitators for this ceremony.

She is the Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon, USA and has supported raising Goddess Temples around the world. Graell has been intimately involved in the Goddess Conference of Glastonbury UK since 2006. She annually serves the Glastonbury Goddess Temple in any way needed, as well as Tempio della Grande Dea of Rome, Italy, both Temples are the first of their kind, in their location, to be rasised in over two thousand years.


Self-Realization through Love

Self inquiry as a path to realizing the essence of your true being has long been the intellectual polarity of approaching spirituality. This realization can also come from abiding at the source of your love following a heart polarity. A synthesis is possible between Bhakti and Self-Realization.
Karl Baba will explain and guide a practice in Self-realization through Love.

About Karl Baba

Karl Baba is a spiritual guide authorized by two Indian Traditions (Papa Ji and Sacha) and also does shamanic work. His mission is to be a channel of Peace and Love, empowering All to embody the Light and Love which is their true nature within.


Dolfin Dance

During the Dolfin dance class the participants will develop a deep connection with themselves and others through doing contact improv/Yoga posture under water. The emphasis will be put at the beginning on learning the OCEANIC BREATH and getting in touch with our fluid nature, followed by some exploration and play under water. The class will also incorporate some sacred sonic geometry and exploration of positive reinforcement of the limbic system through deep connection in water. the participants will partner up for duo exercizes as well as play with the whole class. The class is VERY deep and very PLAYFUL. It’s a ONE OF A KIND experience that you will keep for the rest of your life.

About Flow lesur

A native of France, Flow Lesur has been doing personal growth work for 20 years in California. She facilitates and plans ecstatic events that offer new techniques for healing and integration.
She absolutely is dedicated to help people discover the healing properties of warm water and has been practicing a modality called Acqua Contact/Dolfin Play for about 10 years. Acqua contact is a form of contact improvisation under water which has a lot of benefits for the body and the soul.
Flow is also an ecstatic dance DJ and facilitator and has been running an Ecstatic Dance called Dance Tribe in Santa Cruz for the past 3 years. She is also an accomplished singer and plays guitar, ukulele and drums and leads a Heart Song circle in Santa Cruz every week. She loves to open people to singing simple songs as a community.
Flow is very passionate about rejuvenation of the body and achieving PERFECT HEALTH thru PLAY.


Mastery Of Breath Didjeridoo Workshop

Brought to you by Eutheric Didjeridoos! Master Breath and you Master Life. An interactive didjeridoo experience! Learn different styles for how to play & master this ancient & magical instrument! We will dive into techniques for circular breathing, beatbox didjing, stylish rhythms and how to play them, the importance of breath & posture and more! Bring your own didj or come play one of ours!

About Audie Wiley

Audie Bangerang- From the outback to the jungles of ArnhemLand where the “didjeridoo” was born, Audie has masterfully crafted his own unique style of sonic vibrations. From meditative drones to booming beatbox he brings to you the art of singing with the trees.

Chris Belew – Master of polyrhythms and trumpets he has learned from some of the best & has developed an amazing and unique teaching style to share his years of experience.


Sound-Bath Meditation Journey: Gong, Handpan, vocals & more with Viola Rose

​​A sound-healing meditation session featuring​ powerful gongs for release and transformation, heart opening handpans, sweet inspired vocals, bowls, flute, didgeridoo, chimes, and more. A psycho-acoustic gateway to raise one’s vibratory frequency, reach higher states of awareness and invite deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Large high quality gongs have such a huge range of tones, overtones and harmonics, that when played therapeutically, they literally bathe every cell of the recipient in sound, vibrating all the cells, bones and organs,​ clearing blockages and old stagnant energy, bringing you back into a state of harmony and well-being. Join Viola for this multi-instrument transformational Soundbath where she will play her sound healing instruments both in front of you and walking around the room playing them around your heads.
Please bring a blanket, mat, eye mask and pillow to be comfortable lying down, or just come as you are and wing it! All you need do is lie down, close your eyes and let yourself travel on the healing sounds and frequencies.
Sound healing brings one into a deeply relaxed, meditative state.. an often dream-like ethereal trance state in which stress and anxiety leave the body/mind/spirit & harmony, health & higher states of consciousness flow in, allowing healing, deep peace and well-being to occur on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Physically, sound healing works through the nervous system of your body, traveling through the liquid of your cells, and increasing the output of dopamine and serotonin.

About Viola Rose

Viola Rose is a “Transformational Sound Artist” and has been combining Music and Healing as Sound-Healing in her own inspired way for over 25 years. A Multi-Instrumentalist and inspired Vocalist, she enjoys playing Handpan, Gong, Native Flute, Shamanic drum, Sansula, Didgeridoo, and more, with her favorite instrument being her voice. Viola has an extensive background in Spirituality and Metaphysics as well. She is a Heart-based meditation workshop teacher certified with the School of Remembering, and is also a Sound-Healer, certified Gong Practitioner, Energy Worker, Certified Holistic Health Coach, certified Laughter Yoga teacher and advocate for living from the Heart. Viola has a deep love for the profound ability of Sacred Sound to heal the Heart and balance the Body/Mind/Spirit. Viola is committed to using music to create more beauty in the world and living with Joy. She has been offering SoundBath events in the Portland area for the past 3 years with Portland Sound Sanctuary”.


How to Fermentation with Jason Wise

Fizzy Fusion and Creative Kraut: An Introduction to the World of Probiotic Rich Foods

Want to learn how to make your very own fizzy, probiotic rich beverages like kombucha? Want to learn how to make a delicious and easy saeurkraut that tastes way better than what you’ll find in a grocery store? This class will demonstrate the basics of making your very own easy, delicious and nutritious probiotic brews and foods. This class is an interactive, creative journey where you get to make, taste and bring home some fermented creations. We’ll also discuss the history, science, techniques, and multiple health benefits of fermented foods. Bring a couple of jars if you want to bring some culture back with you. Happy Belly Day and may you be happy, healthy and full of abundant life!

About Jason Wise

Jason Wise is an alchemist of food, fermentation, herbalism and vibrational healing. Since childhood, he has cultivated a love of nurturing foods found in our backyards, in our forests, our sacred waters and in the air we breathe. With influences by the deep south and the rich culinary traditions of India, Thailand, South and Central America, he has brought together a fusion of Western and Eastern traditions.

Jason is a life long student of music, yoga, science, and plant medicine. He has experienced the benefits of a life balanced by proper diet, exercise, mental ad emotional health. It was through fermented foods, introduced to him in 2008, that he began to experience profound healing benefits never before reached. By adopting fermented foods into his diet, he has tackled chronic fatigue, carpel tunnel syndrone, pain and insomnia.

Jason specializes in probiotic rich beverages and unique fermented foods made using the wild yeasts and bacteria that surround us. He uses local wildcrafted foods and farm fresh vegetables in his recipes. He has been making water kefir, kombucha, jun (honey kombucha) and wild yeast sodas for over 6 years and fermented vegetables for over a decade. He loves to share his craft and has been teaching workshops on probiotic foods for the past 5 years at festivals and retreat centers across the U.S.

Jason is a chef/instructor trained in raw plant-based cuisines at the Living Light Culinary Institute. He is also the proud founder of In Plants We Trust, a food education and empowerment business based in southern Oregon. You can find him on FB at InPlantsWeTrust or on the web at


:: WilD TriBAl MeDicine Dance ::!::

About Rotem Totem

Totem is a Volcano Heart Woman ~ Wild Spirit Dancer ~ WilD TriBAl MeDicine Dance Facilitator. She has been giving her energy to the festival circuit and tribal community for years in various capacities. She created and hosts regular WilD TriBAl MeDicine Dance events which are well attended in Ashland. She has recently begun a collaboration with Tamara McDermott to hold HeartCore celebration community events that include ♥ Zula Lounge with Chai Shop, Dragon GongFu Tea service
and treats ♥ Dance Prayer-formance ♥ Sacred Fire ♥ Live Music ♥ Sacred Ceremony. She and her partner also have a warm and inviting space for tea in downtown Ashland called Dragon GongFu Tea service.


Awaken Your Body to Bliss

In this healing playshop we will explore the energy of our bodies through tantric practices.
It’s time for a new paradigm that celebrates these glorious bodies as the miracles they are and open up to the powerful energy and potent pleasure that is our radiant birthright!

We will learn Self Love practices that honor our entire body as the sacred home for our soul. We will connect with each other through vulnerable and playful exercises. These may include communicating, breathing, toning, and gentle touch.

This is a clothes on, safe event for men and women. You don’t need to know anyone, just bring your delicious Self. Every drop of you is welcomed and appreciated and all of your boundaries respected.

About Shezza Walters

Shezza Walters is a Tantra teacher, empowerment coach, and sensuous touch magician. She helps people connect to their own heart, find more pleasure in their bodies, and have more fulfilling intimacy with others while seeing the Divine in all.


Social permaculture : culture design for turbulent times.

In these times of political and environmental crisis it is crucial that we think and act in larger and evolutionary ways. Social permaculture gives us the basic conceptual frameworks and language that help us collaboratively design viable alternatives that move us well beyond reactionary quick fixes. This workshop is comprehensive in it’s scope in that it offers organizational structures and on the ground strategies.

About Alexa Bernard

Alexa’s work is a synergistic blend of consciousness studies, activism and permaculture , developed with social movements in mind.


Yoga Offerings

Devotional Yoga w/ Graell Corsini

Graell’s immersive yoga class involves elemental ceremony, kundalini yoga, and song & sound healing

Instructor, Graell Corsini, has over 22 years in guiding sacred movement classes, is a practicing Priestess of the Goddess, Temple Raiser, International Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, Sacred Sites Tour Guide, Processional Temple Dancer, and Midwife of the Veils of Birth, Sacred Union, and Death.

13 Moon Mystery School, The Farm Midwifery Asst. Certification, Our Red Tent, Dancing Freedom, Birth into Being, and Yoga of Sound and Chocolate, plus 49 years of many forms of Dance, and 25 years of Kundalini Yoga.

Taught by: Graell Cosini

Vinyasa Flow with Steven Lewis (Rama Deva)

I offer a wide variety of modalities including: Ashtanga Primary Series & Intro classes, Vinyasa Flow All levels, Arm Balance Flow, Restorative, Moving Meditations, Yoga Nidra, Pranyama, Meditation, Chakra Flow, Kids Yoga. I can customize class to the environmoment. {I also applied through the other workshop app for some hybrid yoga/dance/movement offerings} My yoga is a result of my struggles and successes both in my life and on the mat. I really resonated with Ashtanga Yoga and building strength in body, mind, and spirit. I am also a practitioner of Capoeira, which has brought my core awareness and alignment to a new level, infusing my yoga practice with dynamic stability and ease. This creates a unique vinyasa opportunity to open new pathways of expression and exploration which adds a playful aspect to the practice which I feel is important for a holistic approach. I am inspired by the Yoga Principles of earnest effort without attachment to outcome and I share in my classes that “the practice of Yoga Asana is a journey of self understanding, unique for each body and to each day. Where then is the destination you seek? Mastery of Asanas is not a pre-requisite for enlightenment. Find your power through honest expression.”

Taught by: Steven Lewis (Rama Deva)

Acro Yoga with Taylor Anderson

“Shake Your Asana is about as far away from traditional yoga as we can possibly get. It is a heart opening and liberating practice for free spirits, rebels, and rule breakers alike. Yes, it is definitely a power vinyasa class that will include oms, intentional breathing, flow, and all the other things you would expect from yoga. AND, there will be bumping EDM that compels you to become your own teacher as you dance your way through the practice in your own authentic way. Playfulness and exploration are the guiding forces. Tension and release will be built and timed with sick bass drops. We will grind our abs to deep house. And most certainly yes, you will be encouraged to Shake Your Asana in any way you see fit. Above all else, this practice will be fun, and I hope that each and every student leaves feeling safe, sexy, free, and maybe even a little bit enlightened.”

That is the short description I wrote to help promote my class, and I’d like to go a little deeper here. I practice, teach, and was trained at Namaspa, a Baptiste Affiliate Studio, and at that studio we teach a somewhat standard sequence known as the “Journey Into Power”. This involves a warm up, sun As and Bs, some sun B variations and spinal twist, a standing series, more sun B variations, a floor series of back bends in both prone and supine, abs, hips, inversions, spinal twist, and finally a shavasana. In Baptiste yoga the teacher rarely demos, and instead walks around the class and offers hands on assist.

As a seasoned teacher at the studio, I am allowed to change up my classes as much as I see fit while staying somewhat inside the Baptiste box. I tend to incorporate some things that are slightly more acrobatic than most instructors do, and use a lot of simple things to bring conditioning for hand stands and other challenging poses into my all levels classes.

As a teacher I am mainly known for my assist. I offer LOTS of deep and juicy assist to students who opt in at various levels of consent, and combine my background in acro yoga, thai massage therapy, and traditional body work to offer completely original yoga assist. Honestly, sometimes I make them up on the spot. Truth, this happened in my yin class that I taught this evening, and the student loved it. Anyway, those whom opt in at the highest level of consent (I give options at the start of class) and whom I know and trust, receive nontraditional assist that I get RAVE reviews on every time I teach. I routinely sit on or stand on my students, pick them up off the floor, or smoothly wrap my body around theirs to aid in a wide array of poses while flowing through the practice. I push, press, pull, lift, extend, wrap, twist, and stretch my students from pose to pose the entire class. It’s like a dance, and I absolutely love it. Suzie Newcome, The owner of Namaspa, is a senior teacher in Baptiste Yoga and travels the world leading weekend long workshops for teachers. She recently taught “Advanced Art of Assisting” in New Mexico, and personally reached out to me to help her prepare. Namaspa does two 200h YTTs each year, and I often aid in the teacher trainings, especially when it comes to consent and in-class assist. In addition, Suzie also personally reaches out to me when she needs her classes subbed while shes traveling. There are lots of highly certified and experienced teachers at our studio, most far more experienced than I am, but she reaches out to me, largely I think, because of my talent with assist, and ability to connect with students.

Okay, enough bragging about my assist. I am also known for having a really light hearted approach to yoga. My classes are super playful, and often the whole studio erupts into laughter. Although I have a profound amount of respect for the practice, I don’t take myself to seriously. It is, after all, just yoga dude. I feel like this attitude creates space for the real magic of yoga, which does not need to be forced or facilitated, but just allowed to occur.

My classes tend to be on the more challenging side as well, but I tone that down for music festivals or retreats. However, because I focus so much on alignment and form and precisely explain where to push and how to squeeze and all that jazz, students often find themselves floating into poses they’ve never done before.

Shake Your Asana on the other hand is quite different. This is a class that I’ve been teaching on Friday evening for three years now. There’s a disco ball, dance lights, black lights, and loud EDM. I spend countless hours perfecting my playlist and memorizing every beat drop before I teach to it so that I can use the music as a prop, rather than a distraction. Because its supposed to be the bad boy of Baptiste yoga classes, I tend to stay away from focusing heavily on alignment. I run through the absolute fundamentals, but from there I encourage my students to get outside of the box they have put themselves in with their personal practice. We dance. Sometimes it is guided dancing from me, other times students are encouraged to move any way they want to in a given pose. Break the rules, point your toes if you want to, bend in some weird way, do what feels good and right. At least once a class we shake it all off and have a full on un-guided dance party.

Every Baptiste studio has this class, but I’ve taken it farther than anybody else that I know of and have gotten really good results. On Fridays at 5:30 PM I see 20-50 every week come sweat and dance themselves clean. It’s the highlight of my week. The class averaged 4-8 before I took it over three years ago.

Taught by: Taylor Anderson

Iyengar & Vinyasa Yoga with Astral Ayla

The yoga movement I teach has a structured form although it remains fluid in its ability to expand beyond the structured teachings to allow Self + the physical individual to branch off and explore movement candidly while maintaining supportive body alignment as to not injure ones self during fluid movement expression. Knowledge + Wild Expression.

Although my teaching style has expanded beyond that on a personal level and am drawn to teach and inspire within others the ability to learn YOUR body, how it moves, wishes to move, and to learn what ways we may work within our bodies to optimize our potential for maximum abundance on all levels existence. From subtle body to physical, emotional to psychological, our bodies hold every experience within the fascia network. The movement and yoga I teach allows one to tap into this network, identify and release what emotions have been stored within our body for often lifetimes.

My teachings are unique in that I share with others how to identify their self worth and potential, tap into their abilities which they may be unfamiliar with, and to learn to trust themselves when getting to know their subtle body, fascia network. I also share teachings on how to navigate through the trapped emotions within the physical and subtle body.

The emphasis of my teachings is to provide others with a safe space to get to know themselves through the body to get to a level they may not have realized existed before. Along with methods of how to understand what it is they’ve just tapped into, as well as how to carry that expression on and off mat.

Taught by: Astral Ayla

Visionary Artists

Lindy Kehoe

Lindy Kehoe enjoys living a spacious and peaceful life, choosing to reflect that quality within her dream-like work. Contemplative and quiet, her paintings are portals into the sublte realms of rememberance, shape-shifting in care of the viewer.

Her mediums include oil paints on canvas, acrylic, earth pigments (stoneground), clay-based eco paints, water colors and ink on paper. The body of work on this sight reflects a decade of painting after her studies at Ohio University, where she received her Bachelors of Fine Art, focusing on Art Education. As a certified Art Educator for kindergarten through Highschool, she has taught in many fashions and ages. This journey brought her to Napa, California, where she taught as a Middle School Art teacher at River School in 2006-2007.

Called to the Northen Landscape and Rivers, she moved to the Rogue Valley of Oregon, where she fell in love, and illustrated Star Hawk’s “Last Wild Witch”, published by Mother Tongue Ink of We’Moon. She received a Silver “Nautilus Award” for her illustrations. Lindy’s work has been featured in “Spirituality in Health Magazine”. Her work has been internationally published since 2004 in the We’Moon Calendar books and Wall Calendars. Her work has been shown in galleries and festivals across the west coast, with Art Visionary Masters including Alex Grey, Martina Hoffman, and Mark Henson.

Lindy is currently weaving together her many images into a story book called “Urial and Arianna and the Transformation of the Worlds.” She considers this a book for all ages that reads like poetry and finds itself to be an interdimensional journey through time and space.


Eric Nez

Eric Nez is our featured artist for this event! He has graciously allowed us to use this painting for our poster art this year and some of his paintings will be on display at the event. Eric may attend and paint if his schedule permits but at least some of his art will be there!

Painting was a gift given to Eric Nez at an early age.  His parents (an artist and a Yogini, both lovers of life) ensured that he had plenty of tools to express his innermost realms.  A devoted artist-mystic, Nez is both a visionary and a cultivator of the soul.  Tending the garden of personal transformation… offering to the sacred self: nurturing environments, wholesome nutrients, divine light, and love in order to grow the fruit of the spirit and share it with the Universe.

The Muses of yoga, plant medicines, alchemy, and magic lay their offerings at the feet of Nez.  His creative process is deeply influenced by transpersonal psychology and the spiritual sciences, as well as intergalactic experiences.  The spirits of the mystics all gather around Eric’s studio to whisper in his ear and guide his hand as he paints.

The art of Eric Nez is both a stepping-stone and a chronicle of his evolution of consciousness.  Explorations of distinctly different worlds, powerful life experiences, and teachings from ascended masters… all of these find a home in the work of Nez.  His every painting is offered up to the universal collective as a catalyst for transformation.

Deeply influenced by the blissful, sacred experiences of life, Eric defines his work as the visual fruit of his own personal growth.  He considers himself a seeker- traversing many realms, translating and sharing the discoveries of his travels through the secret and ancient language of pictures.


Kristyl Visions

Kristyl Visions is a Southern Oregon thriving artist with deep roots from the Rocky Mountains. She has a wide spectrum of expressive mediums which have included galactic face painting and several murals and signage for local organic farms. She has recently returned from Vienna, Austria where she studied at the Vienna Academy Of Visionary Art. Several of her paintings have been shown at the newest Gallery in Ashland called The Portal.
Kristyl Visions is dedicated to inviting in images that hold the poetic prayers of the heart.


JaMeson { MesonJa }

” One hand in the past , One hand in the future, weaving together this current moment into a precious and divine filled instrument of attunment”
– Glass/Metal Jewelery



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